Dr. Mansoor Virani once stated, “Come as a Patient, Leave as Family” I can’t think of any medical clinic that emphasizes on the true meaning behind a strong body, soul, commitment, determination and most importantly strong family values other then Virani’s Global Foot & Ankle Clinic with the assistance of his Elite Staff members that provide exceptional service while overcoming your medical condition or should I say obstacle. Mansoor Virani is a Podiatrist who you can trust and always keep the lines of communication open and free. His practice is extremely flexible when needed to schedule an appointment. Needless to say, if you work long hours especially in this economy, he will always accommodate your scheduling needs.

Dr. Mansoor Virani has a real passion for serving the needs of patients and is best described as a humanitarian both professionally and personally. He’s out there volunteering his time for the less fortunate who may not have proper insurance and yet still finds ways to embrace his medical practices. In the office, Dr. Virani uses the latest cutting edge technology to better understand your situation and level of discomfort. His dedication to the cause is noteworthy.

Since 1994, I’ve been a patient and now a loyal friend. Over the years, I’ve had countless ingrown toe nails, a nasty Neuroma, and now a sports injury relating to a minor stress fracture. However, if it wasn’t for Virani’s willingness to understand my athletic background I would have never had the opportunity to play College Football or run the 2006 Chicago Half-Marathon and the 2007 Chicago Marathon. Today, I am training for the 2010 Chicago Rock and Roll Marathon and I want to thank Global Foot & Ankle Clinic on being a part of my athletic success.

As an athlete, I am honored to write this testimonial for Dr. Virani and his practice and if you’re in pain MAKE THE APPOINTMENT!!!!

Phil Chernesky
Patient since 1994